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One of the many great things about White Propertie are the employees who work here! We are a knowlegable and fun team, who believe that our customers always come first! We also believe that the... Read More
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New warehouse
White Properties is growing! 4,000 square feet of space is being added at our Fairfax Pike location. Warehouse space, bay space and self storage will all be available. Contact us today to reserve... Read More
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It's HOT out there! Make sure your stuff stays cool!
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Shredded Paper
Our team worked hard last month! March was White Properties biggest shred month ever! We shredded 74,240 pounds of paper that then got recycled. And that's 10,000 more pounds than we've ever done in... Read More
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$500 Scholarship Opportunity  Awarded to a graduating senior from each local high school that plans to pursue a degree in business